Peer Health Outreach Programs

Peer Health Outreach Programs are student-led health education networks consisting of student volunteers committed to the well-being of fellow students. The program aims to provide students with current, accessible, and relevant health information in a fun and non-judgemental manner. Health information is delivered through a variety of activities, including but not limited to interactive displays, virtual meet-ups, education campaigns, workshops, and events. Each Peer Health Outreach group develops specific activities and resources based on what they know about their own campus but generally, each group will:

  • Produce about 3 activities per term
  • Participate in at least one development or training event through HCSK per term
  • Share experiences, resources, and encouragement with our Saskatchewan-wide online student community!
  • Attend the annual HCSK student summit

Peer to Peer education WORKS! Research shows that peer-based models are effective tools for promoting and supporting student health in post-secondary institutions. This model works because peers share similar experiences, and this shared experience helps build strong social learning connections through mutual respect and understanding.

Benefits of being a peer health volunteer:

  • Enhance personal growth and development of leadership skills
  • Increase in health knowledge and skills for maintaining health
  • Increase in connection to your campus and community through networking, partnerships, and campus events

Get involved!

Here is a list of currently active Peer Health Programs. You can volunteer by contacting the staff support person on your campus.

Active Peer Health Programs

If there isn’t an active group on your campus, it’s easier than ever to start one!

Peer Health Outreach handbook